Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pictures of the Kids

This is one of my Favorite ones

My cute Girls
Sam I can't believe how grown up she is

Brooklyn is a sweetie
My handsome man
I took pictures today and not even a half hour later it started to snow!! I think the pictures turned out good for a spur of the moment. I am so glad I took the pictures when I did.
It has been snowing all day long.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kyle turns 30

Samantha made this poster board
for Kyle's surprise party

Some of the kids playing
night games at the party!

School Starts again !! Were did summer go?

Well I know I missed a few things but I am trying to get caught up .
Samantha is in Jr. High and loving every minute of it . Her Grades are awesome I am so proud of her. Keep up the good work Sam!
Austyn is in the 3rd grade and is doing great also. He is reading and handwriting is much better. I can actually read it his planner this year.
Brooklyn is in the 1st grade and doing great she has always been a good learner. Her handwriting is always good and her reading has also improved. keep up the good work kids.
I was thinking a few months ago that I have all 3 of my kids in three different school, Sam is in Jr.high, Austyn is in the old school and Brooklyn is in the k2 center it is in the same area but she has to walk a lot more than her brother. I also have to learn 2 new phone numbers to the schools. I think that is crazy.

Man It has been a long time lets see were to start

I put the kids in swimming Lesson the year right after school got out!!
Brooklyn Loves to swim now, Austyn is liking the water more and is not really afraid of the water and will go and swim around and Samantha was just a refresher she has taken swimming in the past.

I will post some Pictures when it lets me down load some

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Check SpellingEaster Egg Hunt
Grandma & Grandpa's
Addison getting some Eggs!

Brooklyn out getting some eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt
The Park

Taya getting some good candy !

Taya and Austyn
Just before it started!

Austyn Looking for the
right Candy!

My kids After the hunt!
It is so hard to go to these thing because I only have one camera
and my kids are all in different groups.
I sure hope Kendra got some Picture of Brooklyn for me!
This was a Fun weekend we got to have 2 Easter Egg hunts with all
the family. It worked out good since we wont be here for Easter this year.

New Picture of the house!

This is kyle and Kendra taking out the old tile !
It is finally gone and now all the new is in.
Kendra hard at work!!

This is the border that goes in through my
kitchen and dinning room. Also in front
of all the doors down the hall

This is were the stair used to be!

My pretty hall way

This tile was a big project and I want to thank everyone who helped
I know it was no fun at time but is well worth it !!
Kyle and I owe all of you ! Thanks again!

It has been awhile

I can't beleive how long it has been.
Let see my house is coming along great!
My kid are doing good!
Me doing a lot better!! I want no more Dr. Visits for me !!
My toe is getting back to normal.
I can't belive Easter is already hear!